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Run DAO Autotest

DAOS autotest tests the proper setup of the DAOS configuration, which is used to test the setup. DAOS autotest performs various activities like connecting to a pool, creating and opening a container, then reading and writing to the container.

# create pool
dmg pool create --size=50G

# sample output
Creating DAOS pool with automatic storage allocation: 50 GB NVMe + 6.00% SCM
Pool created with 6.00% SCM/NVMe ratio
  UUID          : 6af46954-f704-45f0-8b80-115ef855a065
  Service Ranks : [1-3]
  Storage Ranks : [0-3]
  Total Size    : 53 GB
  SCM           : 3.0 GB (750 MB / rank)
  NVMe          : 50 GB (12 GB / rank)

# assign pool uuid to a variable
export DAOS_POOL=<pool uuid>

# run daos autotest
daos pool autotest --pool $DAOS_POOL

# Sample output
Step Operation               Status Time(sec) Comment
  0  Initializing DAOS          OK      0.000
  1  Connecting to pool         OK      0.070
  2  Creating container         OK      0.000  uuid =
  3  Opening container          OK      0.050
 10  Generating 1M S1 layouts   OK      4.620
 11  Generating 10K SX layouts  OK      0.140
 20  Inserting 1M 128B values   OK     75.130
 21  Reading 128B values back   OK     71.540
 24  Inserting 1M 4KB values    OK    109.190
 25  Reading 4KB values back    OK    103.620
 28  Inserting 100K 1MB values  OK    413.730
 29  Reading 1MB values back    OK    461.220
 96  Closing container          OK      0.040
 97  Destroying container       OK      0.070
 98  Disconnecting from pool    OK      0.000
 99  Tearing down DAOS          OK      0.000

Clean Up

Remove one of the copy created using datamover

rm -rf /tmp/daos_dfuse/daos_container_copy

Remove dfuse mountpoint:

# unmount dfuse
pdsh -w $CLIENT_NODES 'fusermount3 -uz /tmp/daos_dfuse'

# remove mount dir
pdsh -w $CLIENT_NODES rm -rf /tmp/daos_dfuse

List containers to be destroyed:

# list containers
daos pool list-containers --pool $DAOS_POOL  # sample output

# sample output

Destroy Containers:

# destroy container1
daos container destroy --pool $DAOS_POOL --cont $DAOS_CONT

# destroy container2
daos container destroy --pool $DAOS_POOL --cont $DAOS_CONT2

List Pools to be destroyed:

# list pool
dmg pool list

# sample output
Pool UUID                            Svc Replicas
---------                            ------------
b22220ea-740d-46bc-84ad-35ed3a28aa31 [1-3]

Destroy Pool:

# destroy pool
dmg pool destroy --pool $DAOS_POOL

Stop Agents:

# stop agents
pdsh -S -w $CLIENT_NODES "sudo systemctl stop daos_agent"

Stop Servers:

# stop servers

pdsh -S -w \$SERVER_NODES \"sudo systemctl stop daos_server\"

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