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UCX Fabric Support (DAOS 2.2 Technology Preview)

DAOS 2.2 includes a technology preview of UCX support for clusters using InfiniBand, as an alternative to the default libfabric network stack.


EL8 and Leap15 only. It is not supported on CentOS7.

The goal of this technology preview is to allow early evaluation and testing. DAOS over UCX has not been fully validated yet, and it is not recommended to use it in a production environment with DAOS 2.2. It is a roadmap item to fully support UCX in DAOS 2.4.

!!! note The network provider is an immutable property of a DAOS system. Changing the network provider to UCX requires that the DAOS storage is reformatted.

To enable DAOS UCX support on InfiniBand fabrics, the following steps are needed:

  • A supported version of MLNX_OFED must be installed before DAOS is installed. This is the same for libfabric and for UCX: DAOS only supports the NVIDIA-provided MLNX_OFED stack, not the inbox drivers. Refer to the DAOS Support Matrix for information about supported MLNX_OFED releases.

  • The mercury-ucx RPM package needs to be manually selected for installation: For the technology preview, the mercury package is provided in two different versions, which are mutually exclusive:

  • The standard mercury RPM does support libfabric, but not UCX. This RPM will be installed by default, and must be used in non-InfiniBand environments.

  • A new mercury-ucx RPM is also provided, which supports both libfabric and UCX. This RPM must be used in InfiniBand environments when the intention is to use UCX. It may also be used in InfiniBand environments if the intention is to use libfabric. Attempts to install this RPM in non-Infiniband environments will fail, because it has a dependency on UCX packages.

  • At DAOS installation time, to enable UCX support the new mercury-ucx RPM package must be explicitly listed in order to prevent the installation of the default mercury package (which does not include the UCX support). For example, using the yum package manager on EL8:

      # on DAOS_ADMIN nodes:
      yum install mercury-ucx daos-admin

      # on DAOS_SERVER nodes:
      yum install mercury-ucx daos-server

      # on DAOS_CLIENT nodes:
      yum install mercury-ucx daos-client
  • To change an existing DAOS installation from libfabric to UCX, the default mercury RPM first needs to be un-installed, and the mercury-ucx RPM must be installed instead. To prevent the removal of DAOS altogether (it has a package dependency on mercury), the rpm command with the --nodeps option should be used:
      # on EL8:
      rpm -e --nodeps mercury
      yum install mercury-ucx

      # on Leap15:
      rpm -e --nodeps mercury
      zypper install mercury-ucx
  • To update from DAOS 2.0 (with libfabric) to DAOS 2.2 with UCX, the recommended path is to first perform a standard DAOS RPM update (which will update the default mercury package). After the update, the mercury RPM package can be replaced by mercury-ucx as described above.

After UCX support has been enabled by installing the mercury-ucx package, the network provider must be changed in the DAOS server's configuration file (/etc/daos/daos_server.yml). A sample YML file is available on github. The recommended setting for UCX is provider: ucx+dc_x.

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