DAOS API (v2.1 - dev)
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daos_event Struct Reference

#include <daos_types.h>

Data Fields

int ev_error
struct { 
   uint64_t   space [20] 
uint64_t ev_debug

Detailed Description

Event and event queue

Definition at line 150 of file daos_types.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ev_debug

uint64_t ev_debug

Used for debugging

Definition at line 158 of file daos_types.h.

◆ ev_error

int ev_error

return code of non-blocking operation

Definition at line 152 of file daos_types.h.

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } ev_private

Internal use - 152 + 8 bytes pad for pthread_mutex_t size difference on aarch64

◆ space

uint64_t space[20]

Definition at line 155 of file daos_types.h.

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