DAOS API (v2.1 - dev)
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ds3_multipart_upload_info Struct Reference

#include <daos_s3.h>

Data Fields

char upload_id [DS3_MAX_UPLOAD_ID]
char key [DS3_MAX_KEY_BUFF]
void * encoded
size_t encoded_length

Detailed Description

S3 Multipart Upload information

Definition at line 101 of file daos_s3.h.

Field Documentation

◆ encoded

void* encoded

Opaque encoded upload info

Definition at line 107 of file daos_s3.h.

◆ encoded_length

size_t encoded_length

Length of encoded data

Definition at line 109 of file daos_s3.h.

◆ key

char key[DS3_MAX_KEY_BUFF]

Object key

Definition at line 105 of file daos_s3.h.

◆ upload_id

char upload_id[DS3_MAX_UPLOAD_ID]

Upload id

Definition at line 103 of file daos_s3.h.

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