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Acronym Expansion
ABT Argobots
ACL Access Control List
ACE Access Control Entry
ACID Atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability
BIO Blob I/O
CART Collective and RPC Transport
CGO Go tools that enable creation of Go packages that call C code
CN Compute Node
COTS Commercial off-the-shelf
CPU Central Processing Unit
Daemon A process offering system-level resources.
DAOS Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage
PMEM Intel Optane Persistent Memory
DPDK Data Plane Development Kit
dRPC DAOS Remote Procedure Call
gRPC gRPC Remote Procedure Calls
GURT A common library of Gurt Useful Routines and Types
HLC Hybrid Logical Clock
HLD High-level Design
ISA-L Intel Storage Acceleration Library
I/O Input/Output
KV store Key-Value store
libfabric Open Fabrics Interfaces (OFI) libfabric library
Mercury A user-space RPC library that can use OFI libfabric or UCX as a transport
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
NVM Non-Volatile Memory
NVMe Non-Volatile Memory express
OFI Open Fabrics Interfaces
OS Operating System
PM Persistent Memory
PMDK Persistent Memory Devevelopment Kit
RAFT Raft is a consensus algorithm used to distribute state transitions among DAOS server nodes.
RAS Reliability, Availability & Serviceability
RDB Replicated Database, containing pool metadata and maintained across DAOS servers using the Raft algorithm.
RDMA/RMA Remote (Direct) Memory Access
RDG Redundancy Group
RPC Remote Procedure Call
SCM Storage-Class Memory
SPDK Storage Performance Development Kit
SSD Solid State Drive
SWIM Scalable Weakly-consistent Infection-style process group Membership Protocol
UCF Unified Communication Framework (UCF Consortium)
UCP Unified Communication Protocols (high-level API of UCX)
UCS Unified Communication Transports (low-level API of UCX)
UCT Unified Communication Services (common utilities of UCX)
UCX Unified Communication X (includes UCP, UCT and UCS)
ULT User Level Thread
UPI Intel Ultra Path Interconnect
UUID Universal Unique Identifier
VOS Versioning Object Store
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