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HDF5 Support

The Hierarchical Data Format Version 5 (HDF5) specification and tools are maintained by the HDF Group ( Applications that use HDF5 can utilize DAOS in two ways:

HDF5 over MPI-IO

Parallel HDF5 is typically layered on top of MPI-IO. By building HDF5 and the user application with an MPI stack that includes the DAOS support for MPI-IO, such HDF5 applications can be run on top of DAOS.

See the MPI-IO section for instructions on how to build and run applications with MPI-IO DAOS support.

HDF5 DAOS VOL Connector

A HDF5 DAOS connector is available from the HDF Group. Currently the DAOS connector requires HDF5 version 1.13.1. The DAOS connector version to be used should be v1.1.0.

Please refer to the HDF5 DAOS VOL Connector Users Guide for instructions on how to build and use HDF5 with this DAOS VOL connector. A brief set of build instructions are also published on the DAOS User Community wiki page.

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